At BÉAL, we have strong values and convictions that are rooted in the history of climbing and mountain sports. This history has been our spring board for developing innovative products over the past 30 years, to push back the limits of what can be explored and guarantee you unfailing safety.

Low impact force: our signature Mask

Low impact force: our signature

The safety and comfort of climbers is our top priority! That’s why for three decades we have been developing dynamic ropes, whose defining characteristic is a low impact force. This makes climbing safer: falls are better cushioned, the anchor points undergo less stress and your belayer brakes you more easily.

We know that you like to push yourself, to reach and go beyond your limits; the fear of falling should not be a obstacle. Far from being a simple difference, this low impact force is a real asset for all climbing enthusiasts!

Low Impact Force

Low impact force in action!

Low impact force in action!
Innovation: our watchword. Mask

Innovation: our watchword.

In climbing, you have to be creative! You have to know how to improvise in order to get through and surpass yourself. It is this same energy that we use to innovate and design ever better products.

From the first climbing rope weighing less than 60g per meter to the Escaper retrievable abseiling system and our buckle-free harnesses, we want to offer you the best or even more! Whether for climbing or working at height.

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The Birdie!

The Birdie!
The expertise of a manufacturer: our pride Mask

The expertise of a manufacturer: our pride

We have become experts in ropes and equipment for activities and work at height because we have complete control over our manufacturing chain.

We have had our own factories since the beginning! The first one in France, in Vienne, and the second one that we chose to set up in Madagascar. On both sites, our employees guarantee the quality of our products.

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Eco-responsibility: our commitment Mask

Eco-responsibility: our commitment

Canyoning, caving, climbing… The sports that bring us together are outdoor sports, in a natural environment that we feel it is essential to preserve.

Of course, we are not perfect, but we have decided to take two actions to improve our environmental footprint. The first: for each rope sold, we support reforestation in Madagascar. The second: 100% of our dynamic ropes are recyclable. Because every action counts.

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