If we have become the world leader in mountain ropes, it is thanks to our ability to innovate, to offer equipment that is ever more adapted, ever more resistant, ever more practical. It is with this in mind and to retain your unwavering trust that our research and development unit strives to constantly excel.

Lightness, strength, new rope technologies Mask

Lightness, strength, new rope technologies

Ropes are our core business. In this field, the word expertise takes on its full meaning. Our current products are the result of many years of research and this desire to innovate has led to the emergence of technologies that are unique in the world, confirming BÉAL’s position as world leader.

Our Technology

  • Unicore Unicore

    This technology was introduced in 2006 and allows the core and sheath of the rope to be joined together. This ensures greater safety but also better resistance to friction. To date, no other manufacturer has managed to implement a similar system on dynamic ropes!

  • Dry Cover Dry Cover

    We developed this chemical treatment in 2002. It gives our ropes an increased resistance to friction, especially in humid conditions.

  • Golden Dry Golden Dry

    Also in 2002, we developed another process, this time to combat abrasion and water and offer climbers the best performance. It scores exceptionally well in the UIAA Water Repellent test, a test developed 10 years later!

The Joker, first triple rated rope Mask
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The Joker, first triple rated rope

A particularly striking innovation, the Joker rope is the first dynamic rope to be both a twin, double and single rope. A real revolution when it came out in 2003! Also exceptional by its weight of 51g/m at the time. A benchmark: even today, our competitors don’t do better!

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Working at height: a range of semi-static ropes for professionals Mask

Working at height: a range of semi-static ropes for professionals

Because it is not only climbers of all kinds who use our ropes, we have innovated to enable professionals working at height to carry out their missions in the best conditions. Resistant to water, high temperatures and chemicals, our priority is your safety.

Our technology

  • Pro Water Pro Water

    A patented innovation, the Pro water rope is the first semi-static floating rope to be classified EN1891 Type A. Easily identifiable as its orange, it minimizes the risk of accidents during rescue operations.

  • Raider Raider

    Specifically designed for special forces, our Raider ropes withstand the high temperatures generated by successive high-speed descents during operations or helicopter rescues.

  • Hotline Hotline

    To ensure safety in chemically hazardous environments, we have developed the Hotline rope. Its aramid sheath is resistant to hazardous substances and facilitates maintenance work.

Belay devices, carabiners... our indispensable "Metal" innovations. Mask

Belay devices, carabiners... our indispensable "Metal" innovations.

BÉAL has rapidly diversified to offer a complete range of equipment for climbing and working at height. Our research and development teams innovate on all metal or webbing systems to facilitate these activities and ensure the safety of those who do them.

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Our technology.

  • Assisted braking belay Assisted braking belay

    Compact, incorporating a self-locking assisted braking system in the event of a fall, the Birdie is made entirely of metal to last longer. Suitable for both lead climbing and top-roping, it is an innovative system for safer climbing.

  • Retrievable abseiling system Retrievable abseiling system

    Another innovation we are particularly proud of is the Escaper, our retrievable abseiling system. Locking with a tension of only 10kg, it lets the rope slip a few centimeters when fully released. It takes an average of eight to release it.