Work at height

For those working on ropes at great height, in confined environments that are difficult to access or present specific risks, we have developed specifics ropes.

An overview of our tactical ropes

Static ropes for rope access work Mask

Static ropes for rope access work

For rope access work, we have developed a range of flexible and lightweight type A ropes. They are particularly easy to handle and take up very little space when carrying out complex operations in confined or industrial spaces.

We have also thought about companies that work in especially challenging conditions and have innovated to offer them ropes adapted to their needs. Aquatic or semi-aquatic environments, major chemical risks, our special ropes are the perfect answer to those environments where workers must be particularly vigilant.

ACCESS 10.5MM From
€190.34 (tax incl.)
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Dimension 10,5mm, this type A low stretch rope now provides even greater safety thanks to our...
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Very tough, this is the benchmark standard rope for work at height.
€32.26 (tax incl.)
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With its 10.5mm diameter and its unfailing robustness, it is the longstanding benchmark rope for...
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The best value type A rope.