Nature is our playground, and we are committed to preserving it. Without greenwashing, because we are aware that our polyamide ropes are not ecological equipment, we have set up two emblematic actions to manage their life cycle.

Operation 1 rope = 1 tree Mask

Operation 1 rope = 1 tree

In 2006, we set up our second factory in Madagascar and met Gilles Gautier, president of the NGO Wood en Stock. The following year, we joined him in reforesting the “Big Wall” valley on the edge of the Andringitra National Park.

For each dynamic rope sold, we plant a tree. A powerful action but also a recognition of this wonderful natural area.

  • 700,000 seedlings 700,000 seedlings

    have been planted since 2007.

  • 250,000 plants 250,000 plants

    Are growing after surviving their first years.


A word from Gilles Gautier, the man who planted ropes.

Madagascar, a country of big walls and XXL columns, is now well represented on the tropical climbing scene and Philippe Béal wanted to highlight the company’s presence in this land in the most sustainable way possible, by planting a forest!

After focusing on fast-growing species during the first years of the project, we have started to massively distribute fruit species and are now tackling endemic forest species in order to rehabilitate the biotope of the Tsaranoro reserve.

These actions will reduce pressure on existing forest remnants, provide energy sources, building materials, water, food and financial resources to local populations.

With hindsight, we are improving our techniques, reconsidering our approach, testing new methods, adopting a more aggressive attitude in the field and progressing step by step. Our valley floor is greening up and giving us the motivation to continue our action.

Gilles Gautier President of the NGO Wood in Stock
Return your used ropes to us, they are 100% recyclable! Mask

Return your used ropes to us, they are 100% recyclable!

We only have one planet. And despite the progress made, the amount of unrecycled waste remains high, that’s why for the past 10 years, 100% of our dynamic ropes have been recyclable.

  • Send in your used ropes Send in your used ropes

    Every climber can send their used ropes to our recycling service.

  • A second life for our ropes A second life for our ropes

    The ropes will be stored, sorted, crushed and transformed into granules for the plastics industry to start their second life.

  • Become a collection point Become a collection point

    Those involved in climbing: retailers, guides, federations, etc. can become a collection point for used ropes. To find out more, contact us.

Do you want to return your used BEAL ropes? Mask

Do you want to return your used BEAL ropes?

To return your used BEAL ropes:


Service Recyclage

2 rue Rabelais

38200 Vienne – France

The collection points