Process whereby every individual core and sheath strand is treated with a hydrophobic chemical formula before the rope is manufactured. The treatment is polymerised at high temperatures. This polymerisation process together with every strand being coated increases the longevity of the treatment. A GOLDEN DRY rope combines 2 treatments: the core’s treatment is added to the DRY COVER sheath treatment. This helps to achieve an astonishingly durable and waterproof rope.

Strong points :


  • Is more frost and water resistant.
  • Gains very little weight in humid conditions.
  • Improves rope suppleness through karabiners and belay devices.
  • Is more abrasion resistant during normal use.

The GOLDEN DRY treatment allows ropes to be labelled as UIAA WATER REPELLENT :

BEAL ropes with a GOLDEN DRY treatment absorb less than 3% of water when tested to the UIAA’s standards:

> A rope sample is subjected to light abrasion over its entire
surface; equivalent to a few days’ use.
> It is soaked for 15 minutes following a precise procedure.
> The amount of absorbed water must not be greater than 5%
of the sample’s weight.

With less than 3% of water absorption, BEAL’s GOLDEN DRY
ropes easily satisfy the UIAA’s requirements.


> An untreated rope absorbs around 50% of water in this test.
> Only the UIAA WATER REPELLENT marking guarantees performance.


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