Over the years Beal has perfected its manufacturing process to become a reference.
To give rope unique technical characteristics Beal has developed specific technologies.
The UNICORE process which makes the sheath and core integral.
Dry Cover treatment that makes the rope waterproof.
The Thermo Fluid process that makes the rope more compact and more enjoyable to use.


An astonishing process, bonding rope sheath and core without affecting the rope’s suppleness. If the sheath is cut or torn, the core and sheath remain bonded together. With a standard rope, if the sheath is cut by abrasion over an edge, a frequent occurrence in the mountains, it slides and gathers over some metres.
It then becomes impossible to pass this zone, whether ascending or descending.


A process whereby every individual sheath strand receives a chemical treatment before the rope is manufactured. The treatment is hydrophobic, increases abrasion resistance and is polymerised at high temperatures. The polymerisation process together with every strand being coated individually increases the life of the treatment. This treatment makes ropes more resistant against abrasion, repeated
falls, heat, dust, moisture and vastly increases their durability.

A DRY COVER treated rope is:

  • More dust and moisture resistant.
  • More abrasion resistant.
  • Designed to maintain its suppleness in belay devices over time.


Process whereby every individual core and sheath strand is treated with a hydrophobic chemical formula before the rope is manufactured. The treatment is polymerised at high temperatures. This polymerisation process together with every strand being coated increases the longevity of the treatment. A GOLDEN DRY rope combines 2 treatments: the core’s treatment is added to the DRY COVER sheath treatment. This helps to achieve an astonishingly durable and waterproof rope.


An infrared treatment which stabilises the sheath fibers and therefore makes yarns more homogeneous. The result is a more compact, better handling rope.