Recycling Beal dynamic ropes

As we all know, we only have one planet. The number of non-recycled waste remains high despite the progress already made.

That's why Beal for 10 years has made 100% of its dynamic ropes recyclable.

Anyone can send their used Beal dynamic ropes to our recycling department.

They will be stored, sorted and sent to a partner processing unit where they will be crushed, pelletized and put back into the circuit of the plastics industry for a second life .

Each climber can send used Beal dynamic ropes, but other climbers can become volunteer collection points and help give the used ropes a second life

For example: dealer of mountain equipment, clubs, competitions, events, federations, training centers, professionals (Guide, monitor ...) ...

Be aware that they will return these ropes to the nearest Beal recycling service at their own expense.

To return your used BEAL dynamic ropes :

Beal - Recycling Service - 2 rue Rabelais - 38200 Vienne - France

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