Being a manufacturer means that we are an expert of our products.
The only way to be a real expert is to face the problems we can have during the production process.
BEAL and especially his president Michel BEAL are a technical and a standard reference thanks to the years spent to perfect its production process.

A former plant based in Vienne (France)

BEAL moved to the actual building in 1991. This building was called the "monster building" in the 19th century due to its size.
The facility is a 3 floor building with a total size of 9000m²
Since 2014, BEAL has a dedicated logistic center situated a few kilometers away.

The french production site manufacturers around 50% of the BEAL ropes. The dynamic ropes part of the Intensive and Mountain Line are Made in France.
The low stretch ropes such as Raider, Hotline, arborist ropes are also produced in Vienne.

47 employees are working in our workshop that is now called "Atelier Pierre BEAL" in honor of our founder who loved to be around his employees and machines!

A modern facility based in Madagascar

In September 2006 Philippe BEAL created BEAL SARL, a Malagasy company based in Antananarivo.
The facility was at first 3000m². 10 years later, the plant is 12 000m²
The rope workshop is the exact replica of our French workshop. Same process and same machines have been implemented in Madagascar.
BEAL SARL produces 50% of BEAL ropes.
Madagascar manufactures the Active line ropes as well as most of our low stretch ropes.
A sewing workshop has also been implemented. Our lanyards, slings and harnesses are made in this workshop.

Béal is a company that manufactures and sells products and services for work and practices at height, especially for climbing. It is the world leader in the production of climbing ropes. The company, with around 40 employees, is based in Vienne, Isère. BEAL manufactures around 15 million meters of rope a year.