At BEAL we think that it is important to share our values and know-how.
Our DNA is what makes us different. It is the roots of our company, the reason it exists.
BEAL are grown from 30 years of innovations. We are a manufacturer based in France and as a manufacturer we control each step of production! At Beal we are proud to have a real environmental policy.

Innovation: a leader's responsibility

As a leader, it is our duty to offer better products, more innovative products, more performing products for the end users.

The expertise of a manufacturer

The French facility is located in Vienne, Isère.

It is in this 9000M² building that half of our ropes are manufacturer. It is also there that our products are imagined and concieved. A second facility has been created in 2006 in Madagascar. This second unit manufacturers the other half of our ropes and also our technical textil products such as harnesses, slings, lanyards,...)

Eco reseponsibility

Because nature is an exceptional playground, BEAL is trying to actively preserve it!
We recycle our waiste of polyamide for many years.
Since 2007, and in partnership with the NGO "Wood en stock" we promote the reforestation of Madagascar? For each rope that has been sold, we plant a tree.
It is more than 30 000 trees that are planted per year.

Béal is a company that manufactures and sells products and services for work and practices at height, especially for climbing. It is the world leader in the production of climbing ropes. The company, with around 40 employees, is based in Vienne, Isère. BEAL manufactures around 15 million meters of rope a year.