BEAL is also ingenious, with products designed to make life easier for the user. Magnetic loops to facilitate the opening and closing of the chinstrap of helmets, the Clic-Clac system that allows you to close your bag with chalk with one hand or the "Veto" new accessory that allows you to check that the controls of the knot and the belay device have been made ...

Magnetics loops
We designed comfortable fitting adjustments, with easy opening and closing of the buckle - even with gloves. With the helmet placed on the head, simply turning the rear adjustment dial easily adjusts the cradle system to your head circumference; ensuring a precise fit and stabilising the helmet’s position. All that remains is to clip the two magnetic parts of the chinstrap buckle together to centralise and secure the helmet to your head. A clever release mechanism on the chinstrap buckle allows you to unclip even with just one hand.
Click-clack system
An end to tediously undoing the chalk bag string. Thanks to a new clic-clac patented system, opening the cocoon is instantaneous. You can now close your bag hermetically in mid-route with just one hand. And once opened, it’s big enough to take your entire hand. KEY FEATURES • Easy opening and closing. • Large volume.  


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