Climbing – Roc Aventure Program at Tsaranoro Madagascar – 2018

Discover the movies realized by the members of the Roc Aventure Program during their trip to Madagascar in 2018.

The Rock Adventure Program (RAP) has been created by the French federation of climbing and mountaineering (FFME) to connect indoor climbers to the outdoor.

Thanks to the partnership between the FFME and BEAL, the members of the roc Adventure Program went to Madagascar to face the incredible Tsaranoro cliffs! Two multi pitches routes have been set up including one of 800m and 18 pitches! Check out the video that has been released and start a journey to the "unknown rock"!

The promo : Dora Sulinger - Manon Barnier - Julien Forgue - Tristan Roguiez - Tom Durel - Robin Valet
Coaching : Arnaud Petit - Jonathan Crison - Gaël Bouquet des Chaux

Director : Gael Bouquet des Chaux

Production : FFME

Duration : 14:01