Beal's contribution to the environment




- Beal is an originator of the Climbing Attitude initiative 


- Beal has recycled more than 15 T/year of polyamid waste for the past 20 years. 
This waste is recycled to produce polyamid forms and plastic tubes.




- Beal delivers most of its single ropes packaged in reusable rope bags. The packaging is no longer waste. 


- Beal prints 250 000 catalogues made of Novatech paper coming from self managed forests, and its printer is labelled "Imprim'Vert" which guarantees that the printing process respects the environment.


* Novatech is only made of fibres coming from long term managed forests. The factories producing Novatech work to the highest level of environmental respect and durable development norms (ISO14001, EMAS).
Novatech can be recycled.
ISO14001 certificate: Environmental management system. Environmental and Audit Scheme (EMAS) supervise the constant improvement of the environmental efficiency of the factories which produce Novatech