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Whatever the size of your company Beal Inspect adjusts to your needs and meets the legislative requirements related to your activity in terms of identification, control and management of your Personal Protective Equipment.

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all your PPE from your computer, tablet or smartphone, even witout any internet connexion thanks to the mobile app Beal Inspect.
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this information with all your collaborators and safety managers and be alerted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With BEAL Inspect, spend your time controlling equipment rather than filling.
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Two Record PPE
Create a new equipment
Fill the lifesheet of your PPE by inputting the model; brand; identification; and the reference
Three Organise PPE structure
Manage your equipment
Segregate your PPE in groups in order to optimize the management of your equipment. Beal Inspect offers three structures by activity
BEAL inspect
Six Schedule and be alerted
Control planning
In the "Planning" tab find all the controls coming. Before the deadine, receive an alert by e-mail
Five Use the Fast Record
PPE Control
Optimize the control of your PPE by updating their states collectively instead of invidually
Four Control PPE
PPE lifesheet
Update the lifesheet of your PPE (even without any connection) then export it (PDF or Excel) in case of inspection.

Data security

For your DATA

Storage in a Microsoft Azure cloud satisfying a broad set of international standards.
Employees security


Reduce management time, not inspection quality! Focus your energy on doing the job right.
Company security

For your COMPANY

Beal Inspect enables to respect every regulatory obligations. Get access to your information wherever you are.
Combine the Beal identification* offer with Beal Inspect :
Harnesses, ropes and energy absorbers all come with a label for Traceability, Identification and Customization (TIP). TIPs identify equipment by a name and number of your choosing, and they also contain a QR code and link for online management.
Near Field Connection
Near Field Connection :
NFC is an innovative, ultra-compact RFID chip compatible with most new generation Smartphones. Access your equipment information offline, including payment invoices. Affix to non-metallic devices.

* Supplied separately
Compatibility :
BEAL Inspect is universal and accepts all equipment brands
V3PRO Compatible : For BEAL V3PRO users, the data transfer software will be soon available. One simple export will reintegrate your database with BEAL Inspect, including equipment names, ID numbers, dates, inspection results, etc.
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